Why do we need food?

Interested children may often ask, why do we need to eat? Like mobile phone need to recharge every day, our body also needs food to provide nutrients every day, you require to eat and drink every day to keep the body healthy, food can provide energy to help us grow, playing games, learning, and healthy, and we also need to eat every day five different kinds of food deals.

These include: 1) grains; 2) fruit; 3) vegetables; 4) milk or vegetarian options; 5) meat or vegetarian options. Our bodies also need nuts, healthy body fat and a little soy sauce. New foods are best food dehydrator. Processed foods and foods filled with unhealthy fatty acids and sugars may possibly not be good for your wellbeing, which explains why cakes, lollipops and carbonated drinks are not suggested.

The trip of food

The food for life we consume begins its journey in the mouth area. In the mouth area, the teeth chew up up the meals. When the meals is normally swallowed by your body, it enters the digestive tract. Carbohydrates and fibers are often found in foods such as whole-grain breads, vegetables and fruits, while nuts, oils and sauces contain healthy lipids, which the body USES as energy to support running and playing games, and fiber, which helps the body digest and avoid constipation.

Milk, meat, eggs and beans are rich in protein, which the body USES to grow hair, nails and skin and to help repair any wounds. Foods contain small amounts of vitamins and minerals that help maintain good health. Meat and orange vegetables such as carrots contain vitamin A, which helps us see in the dark, while oranges are rich in vitamin C, which helps the body fight off harmful bacteria.

Minerals such as calcium found in dairy products help the body’s bones grow stronger, while iron found in meat and some breakfast cereals helps the body’s blood carry oxygen better.

Belly rumbling

All of us have probably heard our bellies growl. When our bellies growl, we are hungry and need to eat, and we are able to stop eating when we feel full. Water is the best « drink », we need every day it can help the body and the brain work better, if we sweat will need to keep hydrated, daily life, if no water and food, you may feel tired, it will affect the normal function of the body, which affect the learning and life. Eating a wide variety of foods and drinking water regularly can help maintain your body’s health.

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